Emma Olivary is a Paris-based, upcoming new artist who works as a nurse during the day and is known to party during the night in the Paris techno scene. Lockdown wasn’t all bad for Emma, as she began to DJ as an outlet and only a few months later performed at her first homemade rave. When she stepped into the decks she automatically felt she was meant to be there. Emma has always been passionate about techno and is inspired by artists like Amelie Lens, Daft Punk, Viper Diva or Gesaffestein. Her signature style includes industrial, melodic, hard techno mixed with some funky old-school, retro vibes and a little bit of acid. Most of the time, her cruising speed is around 150 bpm. Emma and Rolf met through a Facebook group called EXHALE community, where they kept in touch for months during the pandemic. Once again, this collab is proof that techno keeps bringing people together, no matter the differences. We are very excited to see what Emma’s music trajectory has in store for us, as she is now more than ever ready to take us to the dancefloor.

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