Nicole Lukiys is a passionate artist from Brazil who loves to mix records and build dynamic performances. You can easily identify her work as she mixes hard techno with peak time techno, resulting in very energetic of beats. Her industrial sounds are also influenced by break beats and trance music. Nicole is known to  create a dense, analog atmosphere, with broken and striking beats, hypnotic melodies and eccentric elements, which make each track a unique moment in her dj-sets. She graduated as a DJ and music producer at AIMEC school (CWB) and she is currently a resident in some local collectives such as Blackindustry, Secretinhonoazeite, Desertheat, Zians and Cybercave. She is founder of the Ciclo label, and co-founder of projects for the independent Curitiba scene. Nicole worked for more than two years as an electronic music artist, delivering incredible experiences from the Curitiba and São Paulo dancefloors, making presentations in clubs like Club Vibe (CWB), Clube Inbox (CWB) and The Year (SP). You can listen to this amazing artist’s work in her linktree:

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