Just last year (2021) SIUL started producing with Ableton. The samples he got in mind are brought to life. His sound is best to be discribed as Hard/ Industrial influenced by acid samples and heavy breaks. This sound definetly belongs in some warehouses or other locations with the awesome industrial atmosphere.

SIUL got countless samples, projects and ideas were he works on. Further production goals are to produce analog and modular syntesis tracks.


SIUL – Charlatan / Breaking the Surface [ATR001]

Charlatan (Original Mix)
Breaking the Surface (Original Mix)

Release: April, 23 2021

With “Breaking the Surface” SIUL defined a strong contrast to show his music production range that gives some first impressions about what to expect from SIUL in the future. The DJ and producer really is passionated about dramatic breaks and this one is heavy as fu** for sure! A proof for this was some first feedback from other established artists as rephrasing Tommys words with sending the mastered result: “Really sick track though”

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SIUL – Knights of the Underground / Raiding hostile Territories 

Knights of the Underground (Original Mix)
Raiding hostile Territories (Original Mix)

Coming up with his second double release on ATR, SIUL (Germany) continues to show his multiple facettes within music production. As expected, SIUL stays true to his own beloved technoid sound but this time a bit straighter than “Charlatan” and with outbreaks similar to those heard in “Breaking the Surface”.

His track “Knights of the Underground” is dedicated to all “basement-warriors” & “rave-soldiers” whose dancing only stops when the rave comes to an end.

Influenced by ACID sounds and paired with some slicing percussion, this track is the perfect boost for a crowd whose energy may seem to start fading after a long weekend. “Knights of the Underground” is always worth getting those exhausted legs moving again.

Keeping the “rave” spirit high in this double release, SIUL delivers a massive warehouse hymn with “Raiding hostile Territories”. Its remarkable gnarly base/synthline, the dramatic drop and it’s ongoing build-up continues to give goosebumps to any inveterate raver!

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SIUL – Interstellar Chaos EP

Planetary Collapse (Original Mix)
Black Hole (Original Mix)
Gravitational Waves (Original Mix)

This time SIUL comes up with his first EP & heavyweight sound!
Including three tracks “Interstellar Chaos” is marked by rude stomping kicks and flesh cutting hats. This combined with some gnarly synthlines and bass creates an atmosphere kicking you in other dimensions!
So take “Blackhole”, “Planetary Collapse” & “Gravitational Waves” and you’re equiped and ready for some outerspace lightspeed adventures!

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