Argentinian DJ and producer Sofía Alcón was born in San Pedro, Buenos Aires province.  Music has always played a substantial role in her life, giving her the strength and inspiration to deal with day to day life. Sofía started producing two years ago and had played a couple more years before that. The one who knows Sofía cannot only see, but also hear her passion for techno. She is always looking for new ways to take her music one step further as she experiments with new and unconventional sounds. She has signed with labels such as Oxytech Records, Mars Darkness Records, ATR and many more. Her genre of choice is Hard, Dark and Industrial Techno, but she says she doesn’t like to set boundaries within her creativity. Unquestionably, Sofía has found a style of her own and she continues to surprise us every time she releases a track. Do yourselves a favour, check out Sofía’s work in Beatport/Soundcloud: Sofía Alcón.

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