About this event

To many of us, techno has become more than just a music genre, it has become a platform enabling us to meet people from different backgrounds, but with one thing in common: TECHNO. A lot of people describe the techno scene as a safe place where one can express him/herself without fear of being judged. It is the power of the music that brings us together. ATR (Amsterdam Techno Records) also knows that the industry can be really hard to get into. We recognize that there are hundreds of unknown artists that should be given the opportunity to share their talent with the rest of us. ATR is a new platform reaching out to new and upcoming artists from around the world and giving them a stage to perform. Like a talent area on a festival. We encourage any Melodic, Acid, Peaktime, Hard, Dark/Industrial techno artists to perform at our parties.

Techno Talents Concept

The Techno story of the evening will start with Melodic Techno and is gradually whipped up to HARD Techno to finally end the musical journey with even harder pounding beats of Dark/Industrial Techno.

8 hours of awesome techno devided into the following blocks:

>> 2/3 artists performing Melodic, Acid Techno <<

>> 2/3 artists performing Peaktime, Hard Techno <<

>> 2/3 artists performing Dark, Industrial Techno  <<

Always with at least 1 local Techno Talent.

Always with new and upcoming artists.


Techno Talents Berlin

On 22 May 2022 the first Techno Talents party is about to happen during Berlin Dance Music Event (BDME).  Amsterdam Techno Records joint forces with ASeven Club to showcase the artists from ATR combined with 1 local TECHNO talent from Berlin.

What can you expect: TECHNO in the range of Melodic, Hard, Dark/Industrial: 

17:00-19.30 Melodic, Acid 

19:30-22:00 Acid, Peaktime, Immersive, Hard 

22:00-1.00 Dark/Industrial 


Mellow Gellow
Emma Ollivary
Local Talent – Vacant 

(artists can register via, TECHNO TALENTS (Berlin), open till 15 May 2022)

Looking forward to see you ravers in Berlin. 

Best regards,

Team Amsterdam Techno Records 


ASeven Club Berlin | 22 May 2022 | From 17:00 – 1:00h